Swiss Olympic Swimmer David Karasek on Success, Mindset, Intuition and Transformation.

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Today I'm sharing a great conversation with David Karasek. David is a former Olympic swimmer for Switzerland. He competed in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. He's also a 10-time Swiss swimming champion, a multiple-time medley record holder and a former member of the swimming team for the Virginia Cavaliers in the USA.

When his swimming career ended, David could not recreate the success that he had as a swimmer in the business world. That's when he knew he had to do something different. He was so used to getting immediate and direct feedback from sports, so he never fully developed that mechanism to cope with the more complex and indirect nature of the workforce.

After several years of David feeling powerless, he gave up his need for control and thereby created the space for his intuition to emerge. He now helps professional athletes and their coaches to stop overthinking and prepare for the grounds for intense peak performance experience.

We discuss his early years as a swimmer in Switzerland, his Swiss banking career, what got him started on his transformational journey, the law of attraction, mindset mastery, self-awareness and how to get started today if you're looking to make meaningful change in your life.

I also share a story of manifestation that took me to an event in NYC and why you should take action despite not feeling ready or good enough.

You can learn more about David's training on his website to learn:

The surprisingly simple process to build authentic confidence that lasts forever (regardless of your level or your sport) How to stop trying so hard, quit overthinking and focus only on the task at hand The "spiritual" mental training tool that you can leverage today to virtually guarantee a quantum leap in performance (no more excuses)

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